Journal Jazz-ups

We love to see members of our Kin Keepers community fully express themselves in their journals, and a great way to do this is by incorporating fun and easy watercolour painting and pencil techniques, as well as interesting scrapbooking ideas.

We call these “journal jazz-ups” and in the videos below, Kathy will show you how you can add these fun and creative enhancements to your journal.

Even the most complete beginner will feel inspired and confident!

Using Watercolour Paints:

Part 1

Basic supplies

Part 2

Basic skills

Part 3

Basic doodles

Part 4

Yes, you CAN use watercolours!

Part 5

Make art poems

Using Watercolour Pencils:

Part 1

The super basic

Part 2

Some basic design ideas

Part 3

More images to try

Using Mini Scrapbooking Techniques: