Kin Keepers "Stories From My Heart"

In my family, no one can imagine Christmas without Aunt Joan’s cherry squares, or Grandma’s special pancakes. And though years have passed, we still laugh about the Christmas dinner when poor Uncle David got stuck at the kids’ table because there wasn’t enough room at the main table!

Each of us have family stories and recipes that bring us back to special times in our lives. They give us a sense of place and belonging.

Preserving your family stories and much-loved family recipes is a wonderful way to help your children and  grandchildren know the family that have come before them. It also helps to reinforce the values and traditions that make your family special.

So, to help you succeed in capturing your family stories and recipes and preserving them in a beautiful, hand-stitched and monogrammed leather journal, we developed the:

Kin Keepers “Stories From My Heart”

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We've made it super easy!

For just $129 you'll get:

  • * Your 3 month Access Pass to our Kin Keepers Story Editor, where you’ll upload family stories, recipes and scanned images


  • * Family Access – so everyone can contribute stories, recipes and images.


  • * One leather journal cover, where we’ll hand-stitch your finished family collection (your choice of leather colour)


  • * Kin Keepers Story Planning Worksheets and writing support, to help you interview family members and provide story and recipe ideas


  • * Optional proofreading and editing help


  • * Ability to add both black & white and colour images


  • * Book layout design services, so your stories, recipes and images look great on the page


  • * Printing of your finished family collection on “acid free” paper, to ensure it lasts for years to come (and doesn’t yellow) 


  • * Hand stitching your finished family collection into the leather journal cover of your choice


  • * Embossing a name or set of initials on the cover of your journal


  • * Free shipping anywhere in North America


  • * You can purchase extra copies of your family collection with your choice of leather colours and personalized embossing. Each copy $99


  • * Giving the Kin Keepers 60 Day Family Stories Project as a gift? You can add a personalized e-card, and we’ll email it on the day you choose

You'll choose from a variety of leather colours to show off your finished stories collection!

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Here's what our clients are saying . . .

“The Kin Keepers created more than just a book and even more than a collection of family stories. The leather-bound volume with my pictures and stories is a keepsake I cherish! And it only took me a few weeks to finish. I’m starting on a recipe book next.”

Edith B.

“First my daughter and I got started, then one-by-one, everyone wanted to get involved!”

Candice R.

“We had fun as a family over Zoom coming up with the stories, and then I entered them into the Story Editor to create our family book.”

Amanda J.

“I’d started this kind of thing but never finished. This company helps you get a book done in just a few weeks.”

Anne W.

“I thought it would be hard because I’m afraid of writing, but they really help you and make it fun!”

Denise C.

“The finished book is so pretty!”

Christine J. 

“When our latest grandson was born, I decided to collect some family stories together. I was afraid it would take months or even years. Really, I wondered if I could ever finish it! I finished my family stories collection with the Kin Keepers in less than 2 months in just a few minutes a week. Thanks, Kathy and everyone at the Kin Keepers.”

Gerry S.

“What an amazing gift, not just to a person but to the whole family”

Arthur M.

“This way we could share not only our old family recipes but the stories that go with them”

Marjorie B.

“All the “aunts” are contributing a recipe each so we can make a wedding present for my daughter.”

Elaine D.

“A fun family project.”

Irene Z.

“Everyone got to choose their own leather colour and get their initials embossed.”

Kathleen T.

“I always wanted to make a collection of my grandmother’s recipes from the home country to give to all the grandchildren. I knew I could translate the recipes into English, but I worried about my spelling and grammar. Kathy at the Kin Keepers helped me by proofreading every recipe! And I got my recipe book done in just a few weeks.”

Anca F.

“So easy because they give you writing ideas AND fix your spelling and grammar!”

Susan W.

“I’m ordering a copy for each of my grandchildren so they’ll know about me and their granddad.”

Simone L.

“I used their worksheet to turn my family tree into a book of stories.”

Martin S.

“My dad was so happy we wrote down all his stories.”

Linda P.

“I was the “favourite daughter” this Mother’s Day!”

Kim B.

Frequently Asked Questions

For $129, you will receive the following:

• Family Access to our Kin Keepers Story Editor to upload your family stories, family recipes and favourite images. Everyone can participate in this fun family project!

• Writing Support – with our Story Planning Sheets and direct writing support from Kathy Bell and her Kin Keepers writing team.

• Book Design – we’ll look after how your family collection looks in a book format and ensure your stories, recipes and images look great on the page!

• PDF Proof – when we have completed the design of your collection, we’ll send you a pdf proof to show you how your collection will look in a book format. At this point you can make any changes you like.

• One Leather Journal Cover – Your family collection will be hand-stitched into a beautiful, soft leather cover (you choose the colour). We’ll then imprint your choice of name or initials on the front cover.

You certainly can. The cost to buy each additional leather journal cover is $99.

You’ll have a choice of various leather colours, and if by chance you’re not sure which colour to choose, you can always select the “Choose Later” option and decide when your collection is ready to print.

Your family collection will be printed and hand-stitched into each journal cover you purchase, and you can personalize each one with a unique name or set of initials.

• You can choose the “Choose Colour Later” option, or select any of the colour choices, knowing you’ll have the ability to change your choice later on.

• You can change your colour choice(s) right up until the point your family collection is ready to go to print.

• For every 3 – leather journal covers you purchase, you will qualify to receive a 4th leather journal cover – for free! 

• Buy 6 leather journal covers: 2 extra free

• Buy 9 leather journal covers: 3 extra free

• And so on . . .

We use only 24 lb. “acid free” paper, that won’t yellow with age.

• Yes, each book has 84 – page surfaces (42 pages double-sided).

• There is a cover page, and most people add a dedication page, leaving 82 – page surfaces for your stories, recipes and images.

• As you enter your stories or recipes in the Kin Keepers Story Editor, you will see how they fit in the allotted space.

• Most family stories and recipes are less than 600 words, and each collection typically accommodates 10 to 12 favorite stories or recipes.

• By limiting the collection’s size, families are more likely to read all of the stories or recipes, and the book is more likely to be completed.

Absolutely! You can include images in colour or black and white, as long as they are in png or jpeg format.

You won’t send us your original photos. Instead, you’ll “scan” your photos and upload them into the Kin Keepers Story Editor.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t scanned and emailed photos before, we’ll help you with the process. It’s easy!


You certainly can! You can share your access credentials to the Kin Keepers Story Editor with your family, and everyone can contribute stories, recipes and images.

Yes! When you place your order, you’ll be provided with the option to choose a gift card, personalize it with your own message and schedule when you would like it emailed to your gift recipient.

You will have 3 months from the day you receive access to the Kin Keepers “Stories From My Heart”

We’ve intentionally designed our support program to ensure you complete your finished family collection in 60 days.

If you require access beyond three months, there will be a fee of $20/month.

Journals will be mailed in “one” parcel, to “one ” designated address, free within North America.

Shipping to multiple addresses will incur additional shipping charges.

Yes, we can ship your completed journals internationally, and you will be provided with a shipping quote when you complete your purchase.

If you are not thrilled with your Kin Keepers “Stories From My Heart” for any reason, we offer a full refund within 14 days of the original purchase. 

Please note, printed books cannot be returned or refunded.

Are you ready to get started?

“With the Kin Keepers "Stories From My Heart", you will have the support and guidance you need to create the family stories or recipes collection you’ll be proud of and your family will love!"