The Kin Keepers – we help you create strong family connections – by helping you connect your stories.

Your stories are a key to your family’s traditions and sense of place. They reflect the wider culture of the community around you, or of the culture of a faraway earlier home. Woven into the stories are the values that you were taught as a youth, or that you learned as an adult making your way in the world.

Telling your stories to your family today is like giving them a roadmap to help guide them through the myriad of decisions they’ll be making. And the act of telling and listening creates an unbreakable bond between you.

The Kin Keepers are those family members who know all the family’s stories, and pass them along to the next generations.  They remember the birthdays, plan the celebrations, and make the calls to see that everyone is okay. Their spirit of kinship is what keeps the family together and strong


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Kin Keeper Journals – designed to capture your family’s spirit of kinship

Kin Keepers journals are our way of offering a bit of an oasis in this world of haphazard communication, something long-lasting and unique for you to put your stamp of individuality on. We’ve created these by hand, stitched them by hand, embossed them with your initials. They’re ready for you to write, paint and draw your stories. . . by hand, the way letters were written years ago.

AND. . .something you won’t find anywhere else. . .Kin Keepers journals come with a set of writing prompts to get you thinking.

AND. . . they come with an 8-step guide (the 8 Kin Steps) to overcoming any anxiety you may have about a blank page. You’ll be filling those pages in no time!

AND. . . you’ll have a beautiful, unique book of stories, stories of a lifetime, to keep as a treasure or, even better, to offer as a gift of love and tradition to a cherished family member.

Click here to learn how our unique “Kin Steps Process” Will get you inspired to start writing your “Stories of a Lifetime”