Our unique approach to journal writing
makes it easy and fun

It’s the stories that bring us together as families:

Simply settle into doing what you do best and
most naturally—share the stories significant to your family

Kin Keepers journals become, in your hands, collections of handwritten tales and anecdotes that you feel inspired to write. They are written to be read by the people we like to call “cherished family members”, the ones with whom you share a deep bond. These people—and that bond—are the true source of inspiration because there is so much you want them to know. The journals are a way to share and deepen that bond not only now, but in the future. Maybe your loved ones are too busy now, or too young. But one day their lives might reach the points in life reflected in your stories. First jobs, first homes, first babies, first heartaches. Then your journal can be a guide, a roadmap, a source of answers and advice.

We’re right here to help you get started

Each journal comes with an envelope of writing prompts specifically chosen to get you thinking right away about the experiences that highlight what has been important, meaningful, and highly valued in your life. You can choose them all, or let one or two become the themes of your journal. . .it’s up to you.

Our add-on enhancement packs of artist and mini-scrapbooking materials will let you personalize your journal even further. Why not add some colour and design, or safely glue in a few photos? The finished product will be unique to you.

When your cherished loved ones hold the finished journal in their hands and read your lovingly handwritten words, it will be like you’re in the same room together, your voice reading aloud from the pages.